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Explore Level 1
UK Spelling

Simple rhymes & short verses for early writers


Our Level 1 collections (1-6) are designed for young children who can already form their letters correctly. All children develop differently, and these materials are likely to be suitable for children aged 6 to 8.

Each copywork collection contains 12 weeks' worth of exercises - five per week.
Three collections will cover a whole year.

  • Simple rhyming poems 

  • Sentences from classic children's literature

  • Brief quotes from famous people

  • Facts about history, geography, science and practise writing simple notes

  • Culturally diverse proverbs (Christian version features NRSV Bible passage instead)

Click on a specific collection to explore what's included - also check out our FAQs.

Level 1 Classic UK

Level 1 Christian UK

Feed the Mind - Enrich the Soul - Develop the Craft

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