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Our Story

Why we got started


Hi, I'm Amanda.


I am a book-loving mother who, with my husband, have been home-educating our four children for over five years in the UK. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline our learning routine without compromising on quality. Early on in our journey we discovered the Charlotte Mason philosophy, and whilst we are not purists, we love her holistic approach to human development and base much of our own home-school on this method.

Our goal here at Copywork Cave is to support other families by making the process of daily copywork that little bit simpler! After months of scrambling in the mornings to organise what copywork my children were going to do, I thought, ‘there must be a better way’ – so I created my own programme and thought others might appreciate it too.

At Copywork Cave we believe that engaging in the daily discipline of copywork is a powerful way for children to develop excellent writing skills; it exposes them to correct spelling and punctuation, rich vocabulary, and a wide variety of writing genres. Each of our collections includes 60 exercises (12 weeks – 5 per week) and features: a selection of poems, literature, quotes, proverbs, and, for levels 2 and 3, speeches, letters and Shakespeare. Our Christian versions also include passages of scripture.

We would love your feedback so please connect with us on Instagram, Facebook or email.

Happy learning and happy living,


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