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Explore Level 2

US Spelling

A wide variety of texts for developing writers


Our Level 2 collections (1-6) are designed for developing writers and will expose children to rich vocabulary, noble ideas and complex sentence structure. All children develop differently, and these materials are likely to be suitable for children aged 7 to 9.

Each copywork collection contains 12 weeks' worth of exercises - five per week.
Three collections will cover a whole year.

  • Poems from celebrated authors 

  • Excerpts from classic children's literature

  • Quotations from noteworthy individuals

  • Shakespeare - one play per collection

  • Proverbs and sayings (Christian version features NRSV Bible passage instead)

Click on a specific collection to explore what's included - also check out our FAQs.

Level 2 Classic US

Level 2 Christian US

Feed the Mind - Enrich the Soul - Develop the Craft

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