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Lilia and the Giant Bumblebee

A paperback copywork book
created for developing writers age 6-9

By Amanda Goodchild (founder of Copywork Cave)


Come with Lilia and Buzz on their adventure into the Land of the Giant Bumblebees and the Kingdom of Butterflies

Lilia and the Giant Bumblebee was first published as a children's read aloud picture book, and is now available as a copywork book which is ideal for children age 6 - 9 who can already form their letters correctly.


This rhyming, poetry-style story is full of rich vocabulary and descriptive language, brought to life with beautiful colourful illustrations. The copywork edition also includes helpful prompts about punctuation and grammar to extend children's learning. 

By copying the text of this delightful story, children will learn spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and writing techniques, making it ideal for families using the Charlotte Mason or Classical methods of home education.

Feed the Mind - Enrich the Soul - Develop the Craft

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