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Level 3 Classic Collection 3 UK

Level 3 Classic Collection 3 UK


This collection for confident writers includes 12 weeks of copywork with five exercises per week:


Poetry - Poems by Louisa May Alcott and Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Literature - Excerpts from Gabriel and the Hour Book by Evaleen Stein

Quotations - Speech by Queen Elizabeth 1 to the English army before battle with the Spanish Armada (1588 AD); and excerpts from a speech by Demosthenes to the men of Athens concerning war with Philip II of Macedonia (351 BC)

Letter - Excerpts from President George Washington's resignation address to the citizens of America published in 1796.

Shakespeare - Excerpts from Macbeth


Exercises are designed to take an average of 10 minutes and vary in length to provide variety of challenge.

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